• Group Information
    Thank you for showing an interest in the 8th Wakefield (Horbury Bridge) Scout Group. It is our aim to provide relevant and exciting Scouting for the youth of Horbury areas. We are a strong, active Group providing camps, activities and events both with the Group district and County, as well as our regular weekly meetings which are held at the Scout Hutl during term time. There are five sections within the Group which cover all ages from 6 to 14 and  a further section for ages 14 to 18 each section has its own programme of activities suitable for its age group. As a Group we have been fortunate to have been endowed with high calibre Leaders who have been loyal over many years and have devoted a lot of their precious spare time to the development of the children of Horbury and its surrounding areas..

    The Group comprises:

    • Two Beaver Colonies
    • Two Cub Packs
    • One Scout Troop
    • and is associated with a District Explorer Unit - Pheonix Explorers

    Approximately 100 members in total including all the young people and leaders but excluding explorer scouts. The Group belongs to the Wakefield Scout District and Central Yorshire Scout County.

    How we communicate
    The Groups website provides information about each of the Scouting sections and is a useful tool to keep parents informed of any up and coming events.
    Communication at the group is either via the website or email,  please ensure you check these regularly for updates. It is rare the paper notifications are sent out.

    The group has a face book group, which is a closed group. Only people who are members can see what is posted on the page. The group uses the page as another way of keeping parents up to date with what is going on.
    All forms etc will still need to be down loaded from the groups website but may be posted to generate interest.
    Photos from events are occasionaly posted on the page for shaing with other parents.
    At no ytime is the group used for general chit chat.

    All Section Leaders and Helpers are entirely volunteers and give up their time for free. The leaders and helpers are fully vetted by the appropriate bodies before they can be allowed to hold a Leader appointment or be allowed to assist on a regular basis. They are also required to under go training specific to their section.
    In some sections the Group has to insist that parents help at least once a term, this is due to low leader numbers and adult- child ratios we have to abide by.
    Scouting at all levels offers opportunities to all who get involved, we therefore urge anyone who has time to commit, come and help, learn a new skill, try some thing new, make new friends or even become a leader.

    Youngsters must obtain the relevant uniform for their Section and are expected to be smartly presented, in full uniform, on all Scout Occasions unless instructed otherwise by their Leaders.

    Subscriptions are due termly and should be paid at the commencement of term or within the first four weeks unless an alternative arrangement is made with the Section Leaders. Subscriptions comprise of three main elements 1) Capitation Fee (payable by the Group to The Scout Association), 2) A contribution to running costs of the Section and 3) A nominal contribution to running costs of the Group.
    The leaders and helpers DO NOT receive any of these monies for there own personal gain.
    The fees are currently £35.00 per term

    Fees can be paid by Cash/Cheque/Online(Bacs). If paying cash, please place it in an envelope with your childs name on it. By cheque - please write your child's name on the rear of the cheque. Contact us if you wnat to pay on line and we will provide the Groups Bank details. Please use you childs full name as a refertence when paying online.

    Gift Aid
    The Group runs the gift aid scheme for reclaiming the tax on fees. Basically this means if you are a tax payer the group can reclaim money from the Inland Revenue and this equates to us around £1,800 per year.

    we normally ask parents to sign up when their child joins the Group. We do ask though to let us know when or if you are no longer a tax payer.

    Any donations we receive we also ask if we can claim the gift aid

    Group Administration

    The Group is administered by a Group Executive Committee which typically meets six time a year. Day to day planning of section meetings is organised by the sections themselves with the Group Scout Leader co-ordinating the different sections and leaders as well as maintaining the general running of the Group.

    Group Executive Committee
    The Group Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and is responsible for:

    • the maintenance of Group property;
    • the raising of funds and the administration of Group finance;
    • the insurance of persons, property and equipment;
    • Group public occasions;
    • arranging accommodation and assisting to find camping grounds;
    • assisting in the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support;
    • appointing any sub-Committees that may be required;
    • appointing Group Administrators and Advisers other than those who are elected.

    What you can do to help
    Become a leader, assistant, instructor or help at meetings
    You don't need special skills just enthusiasm and commitment. Training is provided. Why not visit a meeting to find out what is involved.

    Become a parent representative
    Put your views forward about how the Group should develop. There are only six executive committee meetings a year.

    Help with fund raising
    To keep the Group running effectively requires a great deal of money. We have a HQ to run and maintain and kit (camping equipment etc) to purchase and renew.
    Please support us by joining the fund raising team or help by taking part in the numerous fund raising events we run each year.

    Help with section activities
    Some sections from time to time run a parent rota for help at meetings. Please make sure you help when it’s your turn.

    Support your child
    There are numerous activities and badges to be undertaken and your child will need your help to achieve their full potential.

    If you would like any further information or you feel that you would like to help in any way then Contact Us